The exhibition of the Plastic Art Seoul (Sculpture, Glass, Media Art, Painting etc) is held at Coex. PLAS specialized for large sculptures. As a nation's largest sculpture fair we install large sculptures inside of the Coex convention hall.
Also, we organize the fair with different topic,
new composition and special exhibition every year. 
We will contribute to the advancement of Korean art spreading new form of art culture, change and develop the art market for worldwide.


貴賓預展 |

    2023.05.25() 15:00-19:30


開幕 | 2023.05.25() 16:00


公眾展期 |

  2023.05.26(五) 11:00-19:00

  2023.05.27(六) 11:00-19:00

  2023.05.28() 11:00-18:00


展間 | G64

藝術家 | 林書楷夢裡那兔

地點 | 首爾特別市江南區三成洞COEX一樓B館 (首爾特別市江南區永東大路513  Coex B館) 



夢裡那兔、2023、Me、 Acrylic 、Spry paint、H145.5 x W112 cm